Sustainability - Atelier Mizuni

In fashion, every thread counts. In sustainability, every choice matters. 


When it comes to clothing, the fabric touches not just your skin but also your life. This is why we choose sustainable materials. They're not just a friend to the environment; they're a companion to your well-being. Our commitment to sustainable materials means embracing fabrics that are kind to the Earth and nurturing for your skin and health.


Our Fabric Choices

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we work with companies such as Fabric House to acquire circular materials. What are circular materials, you might ask? They are fabrics that have emerged from overproduction or are leftovers from high-quality designer collections, which would otherwise go to waste. These materials are given new life through the Circular Fabric Standard, an initiative that repurposes them for further use. This process is more than mere recycling – it's a transformative approach to fashion, where materials are continuously looped back into production, reducing waste and environmental impact.



Our linen is crafted from flax plant fibers, known for their natural strength and breathability. Flax cultivation is environmentally efficient, typically requiring only natural rainfall for growth. Our sourced Italian linen is organically certified, grown, and processed without harmful chemicals like pesticides, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint.



Our wool is sourced from sheep reared under environmentally responsible practices. Wool’s natural properties include excellent insulation and breathability, making it a versatile fabric for various climates. Its production focuses on reducing environmental impact and prioritizing animal welfare, aligning with sustainable farming practices.



Our cotton is chosen for its environmental friendliness and comfort. Grown using sustainable farming methods, it requires less water and avoids the use of hazardous chemicals. Known for its softness and breathability, our cotton is a comfortable and eco-friendly choice for a variety of apparel.



Viscose is made from sustainably harvested wood pulp, offering a responsible alternative to synthetic materials. Its production process is designed to minimize emissions and conserve energy. Known for its silky texture and fluidity, viscose is a favored fabric in environmentally conscious fashion. 


At Atelier Mizuni, improvement is a constant journey. We strive to source the most sustainable options, but as a small brand, our reach can sometimes be limited. The fabric world is dominated by larger players, but we navigate this challenge with creativity and commitment. We're small, but our vision for a sustainable future is vast.