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At Mizuni, we believe that sustainability and transparency go hand in hand. We are committed to providing you with clear visibility into our supply chain and pricing structure, enabling you to make informed decisions and understand the value of our garments. We embrace the industry-wide call for greater transparency and have taken steps to enhance transparency across our brand. We believe that transparency should be the new norm, and we encourage other brands to join us in this pursuit.

Why do slow fashion brands have higher prices?

Why are slow fashion brands often pricier despite lower markups? Let's consider an example: Picture a fast fashion brand selling a mass-produced dress for an unusually low price, such as 25€ (including tax). However, the production cost of that dress is disproportionately lower, possibly just a fraction of the final retail price.

This discrepancy raises concerns about fair compensation for the individuals involved. At Atelier Mizuni, we prioritize ethical practices and transparency. Each of our handmade linen kimonos requires meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

We strive to bring transparency to the fashion industry, even though we acknowledge the ongoing challenges. By openly communicating and continuously improving, we're dedicated to creating a more accountable and fair fashion landscape.

Understanding the True Cost

The true cost of our garments encompasses several factors, including material and labor costs, logistics expenses, and charitable donations. We want you to know exactly what you are paying for so that you can appreciate the value of our products. 


We meticulously curate our garment materials, prioritizing sustainability and quality above all. The majority of our products are fashioned from circular fabrics, sourced to uphold ethical standards and reduce environmental footprint.

  • Our premium Italian pure wool, priced at €35 per meter, is exclusively used for our Wool Kimono Jackets.
  •  Our Wool & Cashmere blend, priced at €49 per meter, is meticulously crafted into our Kimono Jackets, offering softness and sophistication.
  • Our Linen Kimono Dresses are tailored from premium linen fabric, priced at €18 per meter.
  • Our Kimono-inspired Shirts are crafted from organic cotton poplin, priced at €7.5 per meter, ensuring both comfort and environmental responsibility.
  • Our Wide leg pants are expertly fashioned from crepe viscose, priced at €16 per meter, offering versatility and contemporary flair.

    By procuring fabrics in limited quantities, we conscientiously disrupt the fast fashion cycle, embodying our dedication to slowing down fashion's frenetic pace.

    Logistics To ensure your garment reaches you in a timely and sustainable manner, we allocate an average of €15 per piece for logistics, covering fast shipping expenses and eco-friendly packaging materials.
     Labor We prioritize the welfare of our talented women artisans, whose expertise graces each meticulously crafted kimono. Proudly originating in Bali, the birthplace of Atelier Mizuni, our articles embody the spirit of our brand. Upholding our commitment to ethical fashion, we exclusively employ the finest pure linen fabric, offering not only a luxurious touch against the skin but also a synergy with our values. The average cost of production of our items is around 400,000 IDR per piece or approximately 23€  signifies both equitable compensation and exceptional craftsmanship. This poignant remuneration underscores the mastery and dedication of our artisans and simultaneously pays homage to the genesis of our brand in Bali.
    Company Cost Our pricing structure includes a reasonable markup that enables us to cover essential company expenses. This includes wages for our employees and freelancers, investments in future products, insurance, rent, website and transaction fees, and marketing. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible products while maintaining a sustainable pricing level. 
    Tax We adhere to the applicable sales tax rate in the respective country where the product is shipped.


    By sharing this transparent breakdown of our pricing structure, we aim to empower you to make informed choices and understand the value behind our garments. At Mizuni, we are dedicated to sustainability, fair compensation, and social responsibility. Join us in our journey towards a more transparent and sustainable fashion industry.

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