Care Guide


At Atelier Mizuni, we believe that caring for your garments is an art. It's not just about keeping them clean, but also about cherishing and extending their life. Before you rush to wash, ask yourself if airing out would suffice. Fresh air can work wonders!

For those inevitable stains, tackle them head-on with gentle, eco-friendly spot treatments. This targeted approach is far better than subjecting your entire garment to a wash cycle.

Speaking of washing, let's talk detergents. We strongly encourage you to choose eco-friendly options. Why? Because they're free from harsh chemicals that can damage your clothes and harm our planet.

As for drying, think of it as giving your clothes a little vacation. Let them bask in the natural air, away from the harshness of a dryer. This not only conserves energy but also preserves the integrity of the fibers.

And when you do wash, remember: cooler temperatures are your friends. A gentle 30°C or colder wash is ideal. This not only saves energy but also keeps your clothes in top-notch condition.

Sorting your laundry is also key – it’s like organizing a party where everyone gets along. Separate light from dark colors, and pay attention to different fabric needs.

And lastly, always, always check the care label. It's like a love letter from us to you, guiding you on how to best care for your garment.


Storing Your Clothes

Now, let's chat about storage – it's the long-term care for your beloved items. Think of your closet as a personal sanctuary for your clothes. Sturdy items like jeans and crisp shirts prefer hanging out, literally. They love the space and structure that hangers provide.

On the flip side, your stretchy friends like knits and jerseys prefer to lounge folded. This keeps them from stretching out and losing their shape. Choosing the right storage spot is crucial. Dry, cool, and dark places are ideal. They're like a cozy, protective cave for your clothes, keeping them safe from the damp and fading.

And here’s a little secret for natural fabric lovers: moths aren’t fans of cleanliness and lavender. So, keep your garments clean and add a hint of lavender to ward off those uninvited guests. It’s a natural and fragrant way to protect your wardrobe.


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